Clarion Events operates over 180 events in 50 countries from offices in the UK, the US, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Clarion can trace its roots back to 1947 and takes great pride in being one of the oldest independent event organisers in the UK. Our 1500 global employees based in our 15 offices worldwide specialise in delivering first class marketing, networking, and information solutions in high value sectors, both in mature and emerging geographies.

We are committed to maintaining a culture of equality and fairness and our core values of Passion, Care, Imagination and Trust are at the heart of what we do and how we do it. We work hard to ensure that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to develop and progress their careers in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Clarion was proud to be named as the “Most Respected Company for 2017” by the Association of Event Organisers.

The gender pay gap refers to differences between the earnings of male and female employees across our UK Company. It is not to be confused with equal pay which is concerned with the same pay for males and females undertaking the same role.

Pay and Bonus Gap

The table below shows our mean and median hourly gender pay gap (as at 5th April 2017) and bonus gap (for the 12 months to 5th April 2017). There are two measures used for this: the mean and median.


The higher mean gap is largely driven by a higher proportion of men than women in our most senior positions. At present 83.3% of UK employees at Managing Director level and above are male, and 16.7% are female. This has a disproportionate impact on the averages when calculated on a mean basis, and therefore it is believed that the median figures are a more accurate representation as it removes any influence of higher and lower pay.

The higher mean bonus gap is also influenced by there being a greater number of men than women in sales roles which attract higher commissions and performance-related bonuses. More than 25% of our UK employees work in sales-based roles, of which 72% are men and 28% are women.

Additionally, the bonus gap calculation (as set out in the regulations) looks at actual bonus paid and is not adjusted for part-time hours. Therefore, a bonus for a part-time female employee adjusted for part time work is compared to that of a full-time male employee which results in a bonus gap, even if they were paid the same salary and received the same bonus as a percentage of salary. As 90% of our permanent part-time roles are held by women, pro-rated bonus for women further influences our gender bonus gap.

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus


We are confident that men and women have an equal opportunity to earn a bonus at Clarion Events. It is important to note that under the gender pay gap reporting guidelines, commission payments are included as bonus. As previously stated, more than 25% of our UK employees work in sales-based roles which are eligible for performance-related commission payments, of which 72% are men and 28% are women, so this has an impact on our proportions of employees receiving bonus.

Pay Quartiles

Pay quartiles are equally-sized pay bands, ranging from the lowest-paid 25% of our employees, to the highest-paid 25%. The below table illustrates the gender distribution across these four quartiles.


How we’ll continue to have a positive impact on our gender pay gap

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Russell Wilcox
Chief Executive Officer


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