Tableau were looking to promote and interact with contacts who have a requirement for data visualisation products focused on business intelligence. Our main objective for this project was to generate marketing leads who had a genuine interest in Tableau and were looking to receive further information whether via telephone or email and deliver leads directly to their marketing automation system through custom API integration.


Qualifa Solution

Tableau had quite specific requirements around company size filters between regions and our data team worked to segment our data effectively and to locate suitable IT and Business Intelligence decision makers within those organisations.

We worked closely with Tableau to create a script that would maximise their budget and ROI by capturing meaningful insight into the contacts requirement whilst hitting the high volumes required to feed and maintain a healthy nurture stream.

In addition, API had been a core focus for Qualifa in 2015 and this project allowed us to launch our first live API module, delivering automated leads immediately into our clients pipeline and providing a real time view of campaign results.


We were able to deliver 650 qualified leads for Tableau across a 2 month duration, capturing information around current Data Visualisation and BI Technology solutions being used, timeframe for upcoming reviews in that area and identifying the key decision makers for that area.

The lead conversion results and successful API integration meant that Tableau were happy to allocate additional budget to Qualifa and repeat the campaign the following quarter and we are currently working with the Tableau team in ensuring that we monitor performance and maintain flexibility to adapt according to their requirements.



Current Solution


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We operate a replacement guarantee­
If any leads are not accepted to client criteria, we will replace free of charge.