Neo@Ogilvy is a global media agency and performance marketing network. Neo was launched in 2006 to provide innovative, accountable media solutions across a global footprint.

Neo manage IBM’s worldwide lead generation media campaigns, across multiple products, buying agendas, worldwide regions and tactics, with a multi-million dollar budget.

Neo’s challenge is generating high-volume, high-impact campaigns which create sales pipelines and ROI for IBM products, while maintaining a low and consistent CPL (Cost Per Lead).


Qualifa Solution

To add value to Qualifa’s lead generation campaigns, Neo wanted us to help optimize and improve LDR’s (Lead Development Rep) follow-up efficiency.

By adding custom questions, Neo and Qualifa were able to develop a scoring solution for leads coming into IBM’s system. This helped LDR’s identify which leads to follow up first, and highlight leads that are ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’ and ‘Cold’.

After testing which questions produced the desired outcome, Qualifa’s lead scoring solution was rolled out cross-region and cross-product.

Qualifa now work with local Neo@Ogilvy offices in New York, London, Paris and Singapore.

Since January 2015, we have delivered 20,000 leads. 5% of these were hot leads (1,000 leads) and 15% were warm leads (3,000 leads).



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We operate a replacement guarantee­
If any leads are not accepted to client criteria, we will replace free of charge.