Box is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses that transforms the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable corporate information. DWA asked us to pitch a new approach to marketing conversations, an alternative to traditional BANT responses that would provide more meaningful insight and data that captured the wider arena of opportunity.


Qualifa Solution

Our main objective was was to generate pre-qualified leads to pass on to Box Sales Executives to increase opportunity conversions. Qualifa and DWA worked closely with Box to develop a strategy and script that would provide insightful information to help steer Box’s follow up conversations and inform their nurture process and pipeline. After a number of meetings and conference calls, we were armed with a carefully constructed profiling script that enabled us to engage in fluid conversations which were not only quantifiable, but allowed us to build up a detailed prospect persona and insight report. Box offered to run a training call with our Analysts which provided a great overview of their services and product offerings, together with information regarding how the leads would be followed up.


Our Analysts were able to deliver and analyse 228 qualified leads across EMEA. Questions were asked around current solutions and their purposes, ERP and CRM integration and upcoming projects. The resulting level of detail allowed our Business Intelligence Manager to present a range of supporting statistics for Box and also provide suggestions for their lead generation strategy moving forward.

Client Feedback

In our post-campaign presentations, the client noted that they had been impressed with the conversions they have seen from our data in comparison to some other partners. In addition, they were happy with the call recordings that had been provided and the opportunity to adapt the campaign via script developments over time. Moving forward they were interested to see how Qualifa could help inform their nurture process.



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