BeyondTrust is a cyber security company dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. Over 4,000 customers worldwide trust their risk intelligence platform of unified Privileged Account Management and Vulnerability Management solutions to shrink attack surfaces, identify threats, and maintain compliance.

BeyondTrust were receiving an ever-increasing, incredibly large pool of inbound leads. They needed help nurturing and grading these opportunities for their Sales Team.


Qualifa Solution

Our main objective was to provide high quality graded leads to BeyondTrust and their sales team. We developed a campaign which would enable us to profile a deep level of insight around the leads current infrastructure, project timeframe and opportunity size. This profiled approach also gave us the opportunity to develop a lead grading system, suited to BeyondTrust's internal approach. We developed a point system to be applied to the leads project timeframe, decision making status and budget status. Depending on the leads overall point score, they were graded as A B or C.


We have delivered 169 qualified leads to date and the campaign is rolling on a monthly basis. The deep level of intelligence gathered from the profiling questions meant we could provide a detailed insight report, helping BeyondTrust make decisions on their future content marketing.



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We operate a replacement guarantee­
If any leads are not accepted to client criteria, we will replace free of charge.