$2.4 million pipeline built


Mitel approached Qualifa to execute a Content Syndication campaign.

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650 qualified leads


Tableau were looking to promote and interact with contacts who have a requirement for data visualisation products focused on business intelligence.

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+169 qualified leads


BeyondTrust were receiving an ever-increasing, incredibly large pool of inbound leads. They needed help nurturing and grading these opportunities for their Sales Team.

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228 qualified leads across EMEA


DWA asked us to pitch a new approach to marketing conversations, an alternative to traditional BANT responses that would provide more meaningful insight and data that captured the wider arena of opportunity.

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20,000 leads


Neo’s challenge is generating high-volume, high-impact campaigns which create sales pipelines and ROI for IBM products, while maintaining a low and consistent CPL (Cost Per Lead).

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1,000 leads


The Global Campaigns utilize collateral to communicate with contacts about HP offerings and thought leadership.

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We operate a replacement guarantee­
If any leads are not accepted to client criteria, we will replace free of charge.