Qualifa Unlocks Contact Intelligence

We did it again! Qualifa are changing the face of lead insight with our new service: Contact Intelligence.

If you or your company has previously worked with us you’ll be familiar with our methods: smart data targeting, cost-per-lead model with a performance focussed replacement guarantee. This is underpinned with full technology integration and all leads delivered to your chosen platform via API. All this plus a campaign insight report for each campaign on completion.

But we have gone even further to give you deeper insight in to each individual contact to help your sales and marketing teams engage with the leads in a whole new way.

Our new Contact Intelligence service presents each lead opportunity clearly but with a deeper, richer individual profile – goodbye Excel spreadsheets! But that’s not all. Thanks to our cutting edge tech innovations and an intelligent use of our data, we are able to offer you even more information than can be obtained from each conversation.

Qualifa can now give you a 360˚ view of each contact:

  • A white paper download history for the contact including vendor details.
  • An overview of the company organisation chart: Who is the contact working with? Who makes up their upper management team? Who are the members of the lower management team?
  • We also provide their job title and a link to their LinkedIn Profile, should you wish to contact them.

This is what each lead via Contact Intelligence will look:


An example Contact Intelligence report can be found here.

Contact us via your dedicated Qualifa Account Manager or enquiries@qualifa.co.uk if you’d like to know more about this new service.


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