The need for Telemarketing – it’s a question of economics

‘Ah, you don’t need us then’. That was the ending to a call we had yesterday with a new potential prospect. In fact it was the european branch of an existing APAC customer, but it turned out that they have enough inbound leads and an internal team for tele-follow up and nurture. The client is in a good place in terms of pipeline generation, and that means our service really isn’t required.
By contrast, this morning I spoke to a marketer at one of the worlds’ largest software companies in Asia, who clearly have the opposite problem. They need more leads, more new contacts, and more market penetration in certain countries. Ergo, they need Qualifa!

I’ve commented before about the utopia of a funnel full of perfect inbound leads. For most technology companies it’s exactly that, a utopian vision that just isn’t reality in an increasingly competitive B2B landscape. Furthermore more in a world where account based marketing (ABM) is the smart approach, you can no longer simply hope to throw out content and see who engages.

Technology vendors today employ vast and expensive sales teams. They do this because they have big targets to hit and fierce competition to beat. In tandem, vendor marketing teams have invested millions in marketing automation systems to drive the lead acquisition process – but they only work effectively if they have enough ‘input’ (leads) in at the top.

And yet we still receive media briefs (from agencies) that stipulate ‘NO TELEMARKETING’, and recently there’s been a fair bit of comment from technology media in this area. This of course makes sense in principle, after all if you could secure thousands of leads via search, social, downloads and email – you would! But often when you consider the numbers within the addressable market and the media channels available, you’ll draw the conclusion that they don’t add up. Either that or you’ll certainly be waiting years for the leads to come in, not much use when the Sales Director is shouting about this quarter and next!

Telemarketing, or outbound prospecting exists when companies need to take control of their sales destiny. Consider any new business role that exists anywhere, do you think sales people sit tight at their desks,  tapping their keyboard and waiting for hot leads to appear in the CRM? Of course not, and they wouldn’t last long if they did wait like that.

What they do is research target companies, locate contacts, send emails and follow up with calls. It’s tried and tested and works the world over. In fact, you only need look at the job descriptions for new business people within digital/social marketing companies – the ability to pick up the phone and drive your own pipeline is always a pre-requisite.

So, it really is a case of supply and demand.

If you have mountain of hot inbound leads, you’ll likely never need to use the phone to generate prospects.

If however the lead cupboard is looking a bit bare, give us a call.

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