I work in a call-centre, but…


For the last 4 years, I’ve been masquerading as a ‘mature’ student in Brighton.  Anybody who has studied full time will know that one of the biggest hurdles to cross is that of having enough money.  This usually means that you’ll sell your soul to the figurative devil and take any job going to make ends meet, and put food on the table.

Working in a call centre is one of those roles that people seem to look down on – after all, all you do all day is call vulnerable people who are easily influenced to part ways with what little money they have for a service they don’t quite need, right?  Wrong!

Before moving to Brighton from London and studying, I had a career in B2B sales selling advertising and then training to international legal professionals.  It was great, and I was very comfortable in the capital.  The skills required for this were picked up initially working in call centre environments, making cold calls, and generally being one of those guys with no sense of moral or social decency – as you might expect (at least in most cases).

We all find ourselves having the work conversation with people we’re getting to know, and my conversation always starts with the line “I work in a call-centre, but…”

The reason for this is that being a telemarketer here at Qualifa differs hugely from other companies I have worked with, and offers a far more structured, dynamic, professional and career-oriented environment.

I’ve been here on and off for over three years, and in that time I’ve seen people come and go, which is expected in any work place.  However, I also see some of the same old faces, some of whom are generating a fantastic income through commission, some of whom have gone on to manage departments – all while still smiling (and who doesn’t want that at work?).

To cut a long story short, I work in a call-centre, but… one that is ethically sound, transparent, supportive, where management is open to two-way discussion, where quality is at the core of operations, and where I feel free to make my job my own.

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