Conversational Prospect Profiling from Qualifa

Qualifa has been moving away from high-cost BANT programs and building a hugely successful new service that delivers high-quality SRL leads. This new service holds our clients ROI at its very heart; Introducing Conversational Profiling.

Buyer behaviour has changed fundamentally in recent years. When conversing with leads about current projects, we are increasingly screening out potential opportunity, due to the hard qualifications laid down by a traditional BANT project. For example, if we are speaking to decision makers who have authority, a need and a timescale; but at the point of contact have no clarity over budget, this lead would not qualify for the campaign.

This does not negate the genuine need and interest of the lead, but due to the highly rigorous nature of BANT campaigns, these leads become disqualified despite the hot opportunity for our clients.

The Solution?

Qualifa has devised a new way of generating high quality SRL’s, whilst ensuring no loss of valuable leads. Running conversational-profiling campaigns gives our clients the opportunity to gather detailed information and insight into organisations around the globe, without the high-cost of a typical BANT. Consequently, our clients are seeing a higher ROI.

The Benefits?

  • The CPL is significantly lower on a conversational-profiling campaign.
  • You will still receive BANT qualified leads, as well as valuable leads that are interested in your product/services, but would not have qualified due to the strict requirements of a BANT.
  • Your leads are far more likely to remember the call due to its warm conversational nature.
  • Traditional BANT conversations are limited due to the rigorous structure of the call allowing very little room for rapport; with contacts often remaining uninterested when answering questions.
  • With rich-profiling campaigns, the conversation is natural and professional, resulting in Qualifa gathering valuable Business information that can then be optimized by your Sales Teams.
  • Qualifa could be speaking with the Key Decision-Maker within an Organisation, who is involved in a relevant project within the next 6 months. They may have knowledge of what products their Company is looking into, with vital information about Infrastructure, Hardware and Software, but they are not aware of the status of the budget, or not able to disclose the information. This results in losing a potentially hot lead due to the BANT requirements.
  • Our conversational-profiling campaigns have an average of six specific profiling questions. This means that even if a Contact cannot answer 1 question, there are still another 5 that will provide detailed, valuable information.
  • A profiling campaign puts a natural conversational ease to the call, allowing our Analysts the opportunity to gather additional information surrounding the lead and their organisation. This will be provided as a brief summary and include extra information that our Analysts have gathered during their Conversations and rapport building with each contact.

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